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About Volunteering

Camphill Wakefield is a charity and much of its work relies on people giving their time to volunteer and support our work. It can be very rewarding and fulfilling. There are many different options, and each and every offer is valued.

People have have different amounts of time they are able to give.

If you are able to commit yourself for a year, you may like to consider joining us at Camphill Wakefield Community as a Volunteer Co-worker. Many young people from the European Union and beyond choose this option. Or you may wish to join us as a long-term, Vocational Co-worker. If you live locally you may be able to spare a few hours every week, or maybe one day a week. At certain times of the year we have a few places for short term volunteers.
Perhaps you have certain interests such as farm work or horse riding in which you could bring your knowledge and expertise. Or we may be able to offer training for you to be more fully able to help.
Please follow this link Camphill Wakefield Vacancies to find out more or e-mail volunteering@camphill.ac.uk to enquire about our volunteering opportunities.

Long term Volunteering

Interested in doing something different — something you’ll never forget or regret?
We can offer board and lodging, pocket money and a very fulfilling time if you can offer a year of your time and a willingness to help.
Download an Camphill Wakefield Co-Worker Application Form and email to volunteering@camphill.ac.uk.
Please read on:
Many people come to join us for a year as Volunteer Co-workers. It takes that time to be able to take everything in and then to give something back (that’s the rewarding bit).
Due to the vulnerability of our student group we need to carefully vet potential volunteers. Two references and a police check are the minimum and we may ask for more — please don’t be offended as this is part of the current legislation.
An Overview
There are approximately 30 co-workers and their families here at any one time. There’s always a strong international element with co-workers coming from many different countries — the European Union and beyond. About a third of the co-workers live at the Camphill Wakefield on a permanent basis and half have come for a year or more to help. We have five separate houses where the co-workers and students live alongside each other and share in all the household duties. There are no separate staff rooms apart from your own room. Co-workers and students eat their meals together in the houses. Some will have helped with growing the produce, cooking the meal or perhaps laying the tables. Meal times can become a focus of social contact, conversation and appreciation of what each one has to offer.

short Term Volunteering

We only have a few places for Guest Volunteers at certain times of year.
Over the summer we can offer volunteer working holidays. These might include gardening, harvesting, painting and renovation work. We sometimes have International Workcamps, but most years up to 8 people join our co-worker team during the students’ summer holiday. A number of volunteers come from abroad to meet others and improve their English. Sometimes there are vacancies that overlap with term time so that it’s possible to meet all the students. Please contact us early and please let us know if we offer you a place but you are unable to come.

Newmillerdam Community & Conservation Association

Local people helping to make our area a better place to live Making a locality into a community has many ingredients. In our case what began as local people getting together to protect a green space has developed into an association where both local fun activities and local concerns can be shared.

All residents of Newmillerdam and the surrounding areas are welcome to join in any event or make suggestions. Contact details are available, by telephone or via the website and we are hoping to have a community notice board in place during this year.

WW Opportunities on Organic Farms

A great organisation that has helped us over a number of years. (Thank you to everyone who has lent us a hand at Pennine in that time!)

WWOOF is committed to supporting organic growers and farmers. By becoming a member (£15), you receive a bi-monthly newsletter and a list of farms and small holdings that require extra help. Voluntary organisers will put you in touch and support both the farms and helpers.


You receive a bi-monthly copy of this publication when joining WWOOF UK. Interesting articles and feedback not forgetting the small ads that Pennine Community frequently places.

To join WWOOF UK please write to WWOOF (UK), PO Box 2675, Lewes BN7 1RB, UK.


International WWOOF is a new organisation that can help new WWOOFers find farms in countries other than their own. However, if you want to WWOOF in your own country it’s often best to contact your own country’s WWOOF organisation direct.

Click here to visit the WWOOF International website.

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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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