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Vacancy For A Speech and Language Therapist

Job Description –Speech and Language Therapist


Responsible to: Vice Principal

Responsible for: Students

Salary: SP 26

Hours: 20hrs/ 38weeks        Actual: £10,547.03

This job description is intended to provide guidance on the range of duties associated with the post. It is not intended to provide a full and exclusive definition of the post. It may be subject to modification and amendment from time to time and the post holder may be required to undertake additional duties as required.

Job Purpose

Making sure that Camphill Wakefield meets the high standards of education, training and care within its own set of ideals and principles as well as meeting the expectations and guidelines of the placing authorities and inspectorates.


Proposed start date: N/ A

Closing date for applications: N/A

You can download the Job description as a PDF document here

You can apply for this position using the following methods:

By email to hr@camphill.ac.uk

Download application form as a Word document here
Download application form as a PDF document here

Apply online here

By mail to:

Camphill Wakefield
Wood Lane, Chapelthorpe
Wakefield WF4 3JL

Or alternatively call us on 01924 255281

Please note you will be required to have a DBS check prior to starting work.

Key responsibilities:

As you'll be working with a range of people who will all have different requirements, you'll need to understand each client's lifestyle so that you can create the best treatment plan for them to provide Speech and Language therapy for student attending Camphill Wakefield through individual, group and/or teacher directed therapy sessions

  • Provide assessment for current and prospective pupils as needed
  • To contribute to training of professional staff and others as required
  • To provide written documents as needed at a professional standard
  • Undertaking client assessments of communication, interaction and cognitive skills, review clients’ medical history and asses their condition and needs
  • Develop a treatment plan for clients with specific goals and tasks that will help them meet those goals - planning and providing appropriate treatment and activities
  • Giving advice and arranging support for family members, carers, staff and clients
  • Undertaking general administrative tasks, for example writing reports, making telephone calls, maintaining records and case notes
  • Guide clients to perform tasks to meet their goals
  • Liaising with doctors, family members, carers and other professionals and keeping them updated
  • Planning further treatment and reviewing progress
  • Performing controlled therapy sessions with individuals, groups and/or families.
  • Assessing treatment success at multi-professional case conferences/meetings
  • Advise on specialist equipment to help with daily activities
  • Assess clients' progress against goals and prepare reports for healthcare providers and insurance agencies


More specifically:

  • To be responsible for the delivery of specialist speech and language therapy services at

          Camphill Wakefield including assessment, diagnosis and therapy specifically as directed.

  • To provide specialist intervention demonstrating clinical effectiveness by the use of evidence

          based practice and outcome measures while being able to adapt practices to meet individual


  • To provide specialist therapy services utilising a variety of service delivery models including

          individual, joint, multidisciplinary, group and teacher directed sessions.

  • To use specialist knowledge of standardised assessment and other assessment tools in

          combination with advanced reasoning skills to record baseline measures and/or differential


  • Management of a highly complex and demanding caseload of individuals with physical

         disabilities, severe or profound learning difficulties and complex needs.

  • To develop and implement speech and language programmes for individual and groups

         using expertise to create innovative and effective ways of working where appropriate to

         maximise individual potential.

  • To provide speech and language targets for integration into the educational curriculum as

         part of each students’ EHCP  in consultation with parents, teachers and other multidisciplinary


  • To plan implement and evaluate joint sessions with members of the multidisciplinary team,

         incorporating speech and language therapy targets.

  • To attend and participate in regular multidisciplinary team and symbols meetings.
  • To regularly monitor and review the students’ ongoing communication needs.
  • To liaise closely with all staff to support implementation of appropriate communication

         strategies on a daily basis.

  • To actively support other staff members when they identify the communication needs of

         students by brainstorming, supporting and implementing possible solutions.



  • To deliver all aspects of speech and language therapy intervention according to relevant

         evident based practices.

  • To provide reports to contribute to the students’ annual reviews.
  • To maintain records of invention according to professional standards
  • To maintain professional status and competence at a specialist level, taking responsibility for

         keeping own knowledge and skills up to date by engaging in continuing professional

         development and maintaining a portfolio of CPD.

  • To attend regular clinical supervision with a suitably experienced SALT.
  • To identify professional development evidenced within an annual appraisal with line


  • To manage the emotional consequences of working with children with physical disabilities

         and complex needs and be aware of the needs, demands and pressures on their families.

  • To have knowledge of and work within the framework of relevant procedures including
  • Safeguarding/Child Protection etc.
  • To maintain registration with the Health Professions Council as a practising Speech and
  • Language Therapist.
  • To represent the college at multi agency meetings where appropriate.


Qualifications, Qualities and Skills necessary to your work

You need to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to practise as a Speech and Language Therapist and in order to register, you need to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate occupational therapy degree approved by the HCPC. Approved degrees are listed on the HCPC website.


Speech and Language Therapist Skills & Competencies


  • To communicate in a clear, concise and culturally appropriate manner to students, staff and

         family members.

  • To be effective in seeking relevant information from other professionals and staff in order to

          make differential diagnosis and to plan to meet the student’s needs.

  • To explain the role of SLT to visitors, parents, students and volunteers as required.
  • To effectively motivate students and staff to engage in the therapy by utilising a range of

          activities, strategies and techniques.

  • To attend and participate in relevant clinical, care and organisational meetings as required.
  • To effectively contribute to the SLT clinical team and multidisciplinary team by discussing

          their own and input around pupils’ needs ensuring a well-coordinated services.

  • To negotiate across a rand of issues with others around case management of complex cases.
  • To promote positive relationships with pupils, families and staff.
  • To effectively use IT including Microsoft Word, email, internet to write reports.
  • To ensure that parents/staff are involved in the planning and prioritisation of their programmes wherever possible.



  • To contribute to planning and delivering of training staff in speech, language and communication disorders related to people with physical and complex disabilities e.g. Hi Tech AAC training, Makaton.
  • To work closely with the teaching team and other therapists to agree on and implement the

          use of new symbols and approaches in the college and to construct/adapt appropriate

          communication resources for various curriculum and activities during the day.

  • Assessment, management and provision of individual’s communication aids/mounting systems/PODD books/vocabulary including determining appropriateness of

          new equipment/symbols and resources.

  • To agree with the therapy team and ensure the consistency of symbols used throughout the

          college and to advise staff on symbols and resources.




  • Administration and IT skills
  • Communication and social skills
  • Practical experience of and enthusiasm for the work and a willingness to share this with others
  • Willingness to continue professional development and training to gain further understanding and insight into working with and supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • An understanding of and support for the principles and values that underpin the social and cultural life of Camphill Wakefield



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