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Terms And Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all students who join Camphill Wakefield Community.
Suspension and dismissal
We will endeavour to support the student for the full duration of his or her course at Camphill Wakefield Community. However, in rare cases Camphill Wakefield Community reserves the right to discontinue the student’s placement under certain circumstances, including:
 - The student’s funding ceases.

- The student develops a health condition which severely inhibits their ability to participate in their Individual Learning Programme.

- The student does not participate in the Individual Learning Programme within Camphill Wakefield's supported framework.
Camphill Wakefield will endeavour to support a student’s withdrawal as a positive personal experience and aim for supportive transition planning.
- If it is considered that the student’s behaviour becomes inconsistent with Camphill Wakefield’s responsibility to maintain the  safety and well being of the student or other members of the Community.
In such situations the Management Group at Camphill Wakefield may first suspend the student and request that he or she is taken home at the earliest opportunity. There would then be a process of appraisal and consultation involving the student’s parents/carers and also, if appropriate, professionals and external agencies involved with the student, to discuss the student’s next step.
It is also recognised that the student (or his or her carers) may wish to discontinue with his or her placement at Camphill Wakefield under certain circumstances, including:
- A future placement is offered early.
- The student’s personal reasons.
Complaints are dealt with in accordance with the Complaints Procedure
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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