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Term Dates 2021-2022

Please note that the dates below refer to day attendance, for Residential students please contact the House Manager to discuss arrival and departure arrangements for holiday times. The college will be closed to all Day Students on Bank Holidays. Information concerning exact timings of any events such as Christmas and Easter term end and the Summer Graduation Ceremony will be sent out to students' parents/guardians nearer the time, according to restrictions in place. Day students should arrive and depart at the normal time at the beginning and end of terms unless other arrangements have been made with their Welfare Contacts. These dates are subject to change. Any changes will be notified as soon as possible and published on our website.

Michaelmas Term 2021
Monday 6th September  -  Inset day / Residential student travel day
Tuesday 7th September 
-  Term begins
Friday 15th October
        -   Half term ends

Monday 1st November    -  Inset day
Tuesday 2nd November  -  Residential student travel day
Wednesday                      -  Half term begins
Friday 17th December   -    Festive term ending – all students

Spring Term 2022
Monday 3rd January        -     Bank Holiday - College closed.
Tuesday 5th January        -    Term begins Residential student travel day
Friday 18th February        -     Half-Term ends

Monday 28th February     -     Inset day
Tuesday 1st March        
    -     Half term begins
Thursday 14th April           -  Term ends
Summer Term 2022
Monday 2nd May          -  Bank Holiday - College closed
Tuesday 3rd May          -  Term Begins / Residential students return
Friday 27th May           -  Half term ends

Monday 6th June          -  Inset day
Tuesday 7th June         -  Inset Day/ Residential student travel day
Wednesday 8th June   -  Half term begins
Friday 22nd July
          -  Term ends

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