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We accept student applications throughout the year although our main intake is in September. We welcome applications on behalf of students regardless of their disability and impairment, subject to our ability to meet an applicant’s aspirations. Contact us by phone, letter or email. We always ensure there are convenient times to arrange a visit. The Children and Families Bill 2014 changed the way things work for children and young people with special needs, learning difficulties or disabilities. These changes are being brought in gradually and may not be the same in every authority. On leaving school, if your son or daughter needs more support or a differentiated approach it is likely that they will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This will give you, or your son or daughter the right to request a place at a specialist college, if this is the best place to meet their needs.

The Association of National Specialist Colleges, Natspec has provided advice on how to apply to a specialist college. You might also find Independant Parental Special Education Advice IPSEA helpful. As a section 41 college Camphill Wakefield works with its local authorities and has produced a local offer. Contact us or your local Connexion Advisor for additional advice. We recommend visiting Camphill Wakefield as a first step.
You can contact us by phone, letter or e-mail. Initial contact can be made by Connexions advisers, although enquiries may be made by parents, social workers, schools or local education authorities. Parents/carers are also welcomed to book in one of our open enquiry mornings for a tour of the campus and to meet the Admissions Team.
We offer a progressive admissions process of enquiry and assessment involving the student, families and carers, commissioners and student funding bodies. When we receive a consultation from your Local Authority (LA) we will look at all the relevant reports to agree that we can meet your needs. This may include offering an interview (including parents and carers). Successful applicants will have a series of transition visits including some pre-course assessment. Residential students will also be invited for an overnight stay as part of their transition.
The assessment phase helps us to identify the appropriate match between individual need and provision. New students normally start their course at the beginning of the autumn term (September). The course is usually for two years, however reviews take place whilst a student is at Pennine with options being considered and plans made for further opportunities. Transition planning is embedded throughout the duration of the student’s stay with us, paying particularly attention to the final period of the course. At this point it is important that support is in place to make a transition beyond college. This can include plans for further education and training, supported employment, voluntary work, placements in adult communities or supported living and so on.
After a successful interview the young person would be invited to a day assessment when they would join the current students in various activities. Further visits, perhaps including an overnight stay, may follow. If successful an offer of a place, subject to agreement of funding support, will be sent to parents/ carers, who are requested to accept in writing. In accepting the offer of a place, parents/carers agree to Camphill Wakefield's Terms & Conditions of Placement.
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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