Yorkshire's Specialist S.E.N.D College.

Returning To College at Camphill Wakefield

The reason everyone has been at home is because of Covid. This an illness that makes people poorly.
I haven’t been poorly. But it was important everyone stayed at home to try and stop other people getting poorly.
Changes at Camphill Wakefield
When I get back to Camphill there are other things that might be a bit different.
This is because it’s still important to try and keep safe and stop people getting poorly. This is OK

One thing that might be different is called SOCIAL DISTANCING. This means keeping at a distance from friends and staff. Two arms lengths away.

When you arrive, if there is a queue you will need to join it and we will check your temperature to make sure you are well.
Another thing is to remember to keep washing my hands, like I do at home.
Staff will help you and remind you about this, and how to keep everyone safe, remembering to stay at two arms lengths away from other people and to wash my hands.
If I remember this, it will help to keep everybody safe.
Well done. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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