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    Respite Care
    Short breaks are designed for people with a learning disability and their families, to give them a change from their daily routine and to give parents and carers a break from the demands of their role.

    Short breaks are very important - caring, even for someone you love, can be an exhausting experience, which can leave you little time for yourself or other members of your family.

    A good short break should be regular, reliable and frequent. It should also be flexible enough to fit in with your family's needs, and accessible in case of an emergency.
    How can I access your short breaks and respite services?
    To find out if you are entitled to a short break, you should contact your local authority for an assessment, or ask during your carer's assessment or the care assessment of the person you support.

    You can also access short breaks and respite services by paying with private funds.
    Everyone needs a short break.
    Everyone needs a short break from time to time. It is important to get help from health professionals – you can start by seeking advice and speaking with your GP who will give you the correct advice and guidance. Or you could speak with other health care professionals who work with you regarding your Child/Young persons needs. Camphill Wakefield can provide tailored respite care packages to meet the needs of individuals to ensure you have the break you deserve
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    Our Respite Programme is available to all the UK.
    Independent living skills
    This includes the following areas:
    • All aspects of Personal care.
    • Care of bedroom and personal items, including bed making.
    • Healthy eating, including preparing simple healthy meals
    • Laundry skills / Kitchen skills –washing up, drying up, cleaning kitchen, setting tables.
    • Household cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, washing floors, window cleaning).
    • Students will be supported as required to ensure they are able to take part in and further develop their skills in these areas.
    Leisure and social
    These are tailored to students’ needs and wishes. On some evenings, there are organised leisure activities involving the whole community, on other evenings they are organised in individual houses.

    Students are involved in deciding (with other students and co-workers) what they would like to do. Students are encouraged to spend the majority of this time in social activities with others rather than in their rooms on their own, although this will depend on the individual.

    Examples Of Activities Provided
    • A variety of sports
    • Craft & art activities
    • A variety of indoor games.
    • Baking
    • Shopping trips
    • Watching films
    • Occasional trips out 
    All houses have projectors to watch films in sitting room.
    Some activities will require extra finances.
    Weekend Respite Programme

    The weekend respite programme is the development of independent living skills and leisure and social activities.

    However, over the weekend there is more time to extend these skills. e.g. cooking skills may include planning and helping prepare an entire meal, or there maybe opportunities to help in the gardening and landscaping around the house.

    Leisure and social activities will include whole days out usually by public transport (bus or train) and occasionally by car, including a picnic or lunch in café.

    For those who wish there is the option to attend a local place of worship. Please give advance notice so that we can try to accommodate wishes.

    Breakfast Club

    Providing the opportunity for current students to have breakfast at college from the hours of 7.30am-9.30pm then to sessions. This allows the students to develop social skills with their peers.

    It is the responsibilty of the parent / guardian to ensure that the student is brought to the college at the relevant time.

    Your Suggestions
    We are open to suggestions/enquiries from students who may wish to undertake particular or more specialised activities. Please let us know about these so that we can consider whether we can provide the required support.
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    We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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