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Living Skills At Camphill Wakefield

Skills for Living and Independence

On arrival in the morning and for lunches, all students join one of the five on-site houses . Residential students will also live in this house and during term time. Students develop their social skills through sharing day-to-day living with other students. All students are also given the opportunity to develop their independent living skills through a range of activities such as those seen below.

Accessing the Community

Access in the Community enables students to develop the skills they need to undertake a simple journey to known destinations, such as to access shops or leisure facilities, whether that be independently, or with support. Students will develop money handling skills, practice number skills, learn about being safe in the community and be encouraged to take on responsibilities for their own belongings.

Independent Living

All students spend time each week in a house where they work towards specific targets or qualifications on household activities, such as kitchen hygiene, using kitchen equipment safely, using washing machines and drying clothes. This helps all students develop self-reliance and independence skills.

Social Life and Leisure

Students are encouraged to try new things; taking part in social and leisure activities. Activities include dancing, singing, music, walks, swimming sports and games. There are outings to cinemas, theatres, concerts, sporting events, museums, galleries and exhibitions. Students are encouraged to follow their own interests and hobbies. They learn to express these and are helped to plan and achieve them. Birthdays and festivals are events that draw the college together
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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