Yorkshire's Specialist S.E.N.D College.


Through their Individual Learning Plan we aim to give each student a wide range of opportunities to gain skills, interests and strengths within a vibrant and varied environment.

We recognise that many of our students will always require support to meet a varying range of needs. Our Learning Programmes have been developed to enable them to experience a wide range of activities and learning areas and, in so doing, to recognise their strengths and also to realise where support is needed. Our curriculum gives young people the opportunity to learn through a wide range of practical, vocational and artistic activities in an environment in which the contribution of each individual is valued and celebrated.
The three curriculum areas are:

    - Learning through working
    - Learning through artistic and creative activities
    - Learning through being with others

Our curriculum is underpinned by the belief that it is of immense value for learners to progress through small incremental steps and by re-visiting learning areas. The purpose of this is to develop confidence by building upon skills and ideas through practical activities and experiences. Through this process of re-visiting, students are aware of their own development as they recognise changes in their own ability, understanding and interest.
We use a range of formative assessment methods including targeted observation of group and individual working, assessment of responses and contribution in discussion and ability to recall information and experiences. At all levels of progress we acknowledge learner achievement and track progress. The environment that we provide ensures that all successes, no matter how small, are recognised and celebrated.
Each student has access to Communication, Behaviour and Emotional Support provided by tutors, House Guardians and Student Welfare Officer. This ensures that each student has a responsive network of people so that appropriate support can be put in place as soon as the need arises.
The length of course followed by individual students varies according to different factors, including their progress, future plans and funding.
What we do in college makes sense only if it is contextualised in the broader picture of the student’s life beyond college. From the outset, starting with their initial enquiry to Pennine, each student’s future is considered. Destinations after Pennine vary greatly, but in the last few years have included joining other Camphill Communities for adults or different types of communities, entering independent-living situations, living in sheltered housing, or returning to the family home.
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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