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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you have all had peaceful Christmas and safe celebrations. I said that I would keep you updated on the announcements made before we broke up and following yesterday’s flurry of announcements can now share more information.

  • We will be reopening as planned from the 5th January
  • We will also be preparing for mass asymptomatic testing of all staff and students as soon as this can be safely setup and the PPE and tests are available and on site.
  • For students this is unlikely to be before Monday 11th January
  • We hope to have completed the initial staff testing in the first week
  • This testing is not compulsory and we will not discriminate in any way if anyone chooses to not have a test or is unable to take part. It will all help obtain a better informed picture of te prevalence of the Covid-19 virus.
  • We are required to obtain informed consent for every test we administer.
  • We also need to let you know about what happens to the information we will hold
  • The attached leaflet gives details of what is involved
    • some students should be able to manage this themselves
    • we will have some staff trained to support those that need this
    • we recognise that some students will not understand what it is about or why it needed, that’s perfectly OK.
  • All staff who are part of our testing team are fully trained for the roles they are undertaking.

Once we have completed the asymptomatic mass testing we will continue to test staff once a week as directed and offer daily testing for 7 days of identified close contacts to minimise the disruptions caused by the need to isolate. As long as daily negative test results are retuned then the student or staff will be able to continue to attend.

If at any time we have a positive lateral flow test you will need to be available to collect your student and begin an isolation period. You will also need to book a PCR covid-19 test online.

While we remain fully committed to be open for all students we also respect individual concerns and situations and would ask that if you feel it is not safe for your student to return either until testing is in place or for any other reason you contact principal@camphill.ac.uk or use the Covid-19 text phone number as soon as possible with the reasons why. We can agree a short leave of absence until testing is ready or other matters have been resolved.

Please could you also use the Covid-19 text number to confirm that your student will be attending from the beginning of term, this will greatly help our planning for the college and testing.

You can download forms and the government letter and information on this website and you can also return these with your student or by post or email to principal@camphill.ac.uk . We will mail out all the paperwork as soon as we can next week.

I the meantime may I remind us all to help every member of the college community by following safe practices of washing hands, keeping social distancing and using face coverings as directed.


William Taylor

Links to useful information

Guidance - Mass asymptomatic testing in specialist settings Updated 31 December 2020

This document supplements other guidance and covers some questions for our sector



Camphill Wakefield – COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement can be downloaded here

How to carry out your Covid-19 testing procedure can be downloaded here.

Consent form for Covid-19 testing can be downloaded here

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