Yorkshire's Specialist S.E.N.D College.

Camphill Wakefield


Camphill Wakefield is on the southern outskirts of Wakefield in former West Yorkshire. The 57-acre site, mostly farm land, is close to the local community facilities and amenities.

Camphill Wakefield is part of the Camphill Movement. We are a non-profit-making charity, with help from volunteers both locally and internationally.


Camphill Wakefield is not just a college for young people with learning disabilities. It is also a living community.

Many aspects of life at Camphill Wakefield revolve around shared opportunities to contribute to the life and work that needs doing in any setting. a significant proportion of all the cooking, cleaning, grounds maintenance is an integral part of the student experience whether a day student or residential.

The five households which provide a home life for residential students and work and a daytime base for day students are a good example of this approach. Each house has a different character, depending on the blend of people living in the household at any one time.

Residential students live in small groups together with familiar staff and support. Everyone plays a part in the running of their household. Day-to-day tasks such as washing up, laundry and cleaning become ways of learning about responsibility and accepting each other's abilities. Students benefit greatly from the sense of stability and security created by this living arrangement; they learn increasing self-reliance and gain maturity in an environment where every contributions is valued.

Students are encouraged to try new things as well as following their own interests and hobbies, and are also encouraged to participate in planning leisure activities. These may include dancing, singing, music, outings to concerts, plays, exhibitions and places of interest, walks, swimming and other sports, and weekend shopping.

Camphill Wakefield has a programme of cultural events and, for example, concerts and plays are held in our hall.

As well as the five houses (Boyne Hill House, Hibernia, Birch, Ruskin and Old Colliery House), there are several other buildings. In New Elmet there is a small hall, classrooms, IT facilities in all buildings, a bakery and a small library. There is also a large hall (Aulis), a Craft Hub, Farm and Riding School.

Caring for the environment has always been an important part of life at Camphill Wakefield. We use organic and biodynamic methods on our garden and farm. By growing much of our own produce, and through our purchasing policy, we provide a nutricious healthy, organic diet
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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