Yorkshire's Specialist S.E.N.D College.

Aspiration Led Learning


The students’ aspirations guide the programme they follow. Knowing each student's ambitions is key to ensuring that the time at Camphill Wakefield is of greatest value. Real and practical activities allow students to learn in environments that they will encounter after college.
Every activity is used as an opportunity to motivate learning, learn about problem solving, work with others, develop practical skills for everyday life, increase confidence, encourage creativity and provide a sense of achievement.
The timetable includes opportunities to enable students to learn life skills, independent living and travel training, as well as chances to access local community resources and learn about healthy living.


Our Study Programmes are based on the vocational activities  available on site and help the students reach their full potential, experience the work area they have chosen (both on site and off site) and gain appropriate qualifications, both practical and in English and Maths. Each students individual programme is identified through meetings with students, their parents, carers, Social Workers and consulting with careers advisors.
For those students who are ready for employment our Accessing Community and Employment programme is the next step.
Accessing Community and Employment


Our innovative approach to education enables students to progress towards fulfilling their aspirations and maximising their long-term life goals. We recognise the strengths expressed in the Preparing for Adulthood programme developed alongside the SEND reforms. We carefully map the students' learning to criteria linked to national curriculum levels. More information is availible by following this link.
Preparation for Adulthood  information
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We Accept Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities From All Areas Of The United Kingdom.
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